4 Great Time Saving Tools

Time saving tools and tips - we all need them!

Here are 4 tools that I use nearly every day ... they're all free (though they come with upgrade options of course) and all are extremely easy to use.

If you use any others, please feel free to add them with a few comments at the bottom of the page.

Hope they're useful!

Here's one that I've literally just discovered ... but I upgraded straight away and I love it already :-)

Bananatag.com is wonderful ... it allows me to monitor when clients, prospects and customers have opened my emails so I can time my follow up communication based on that data ... when I know they've seen and consumed my message.

It also monitors their clicks ... so I can see if they're checking out my sales pages or social media links.

Now we've been able to do this with auto responders for a long time, but with Gmail accounts it's been virtually impossible ... until now that is ;-)

Please remember to add your own essential time management tools below - thanks!

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