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A day of exploration

This is more an exploratory blog today, as I’m spending the morning trying to find ways of getting my posts ‘out there’ a bit more.

I’ve been writing these pages for two months now, and having been sceptical about blogging at first, I’m finding that I’m getting more referrals already via these pages than from any other source that I’m currently using.

So I intend to continue … but I need to make it easier for people to find me.

In the spirit of sharing, I’ve added everything useful I’ve found to this page.

Blogging tips

There are many websites and blogs dedicated to telling you how to do it better.

Here is a selection of links and articles that I’ve found or I’ve had passed on to me, which offer useful, practical tips for the beginner blogger …

Useful tools

A word about which many blog advice sites and web marketing books refer to on a regular basis.

It’s an Open Directory Project with the stated aim of ‘…building the largest human-edited directory of the web’.

You can get your blog – and your websites – listed here for free.

It’s simply done, I’ve just done it for this blog, and everybody seems to recommend it – so who am I to disagree?

Another useful tool I’ve used already is Technorati, which allows you to add your blog to its huge portal of blog sites.

There are plenty of useful widgets, word clouds and the like, and I’ve used one of them on this site:

I’ll admit, I’m not having a lot of joy with Technorati … if you know any great tips for getting ‘authority’ on the site, please pass them on!

Blog directories

It seems that getting your blog seen by more people is a case of following the sort of tips offered in the features above and working through listings sites to make it more prominent.

Some listings sites ask for a small review fee, others require registration and some allow you quickly and simply to submit your URL.

Here’s a nice site I discovered by reading the comments on one of the links below, I like the way this one works:

My Zimbio
Top Stories

You submit your blog URL for free, then it’s added to content-related ‘wikizines’ automatically – and you can do it manually yourself too if you want.

What a great way to sort and assemble blogs, I’ve joined this one and will spend some time linking up with wikizines.

And here’s my work for the rest of the day, to work through this little lot and get submitting that URL …

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