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My BIG JV Giveaway discovery

I’ve spent a lot of time in the past year taking part in and running JV Giveaways.

It’s only recently that I realised that there are two types of event like this … and they’re both extremely powerful in terms of driving traffic and building your list.

I’ve been so busy with a house move and a forthcoming product launch recently, that I simply haven’t had the time to set up and run my own regular JV Giveaway, of the type listed here.

However, what I love about these events is:

# They drive great traffic
# They help you build your list of subscribers fast
# You can make money straight away
# You build great relationships with people as a result of these events

So when I started to spot some different style JV Giveaways taking place, my ears pricked up and I took notice.

In fact a lot of my friends in Internet Marketing were already taking part in these events, but they’d passed me by altogether until this stage.

It turned out that I already had the right script on my hard drive … I’d bought it ages ago, it wasn’t the type of script I was after at the time, so I’d just left it there.

My latest JV Giveaway

The script I used was Mark Austin’s Giveaway Event Manager and it delivers a JV Giveaway in a different way from the regular event.

# These events are made up of established internet marketers working together
# The difference from regular events is that they’re closed to a small group of invited marketers
# Each marketer – usually around 10 in number – lists a high quality gift
# Each marketer promotes the JV Giveaway a set number of times
# These events may have one time offers or sales involved
# These events drive massive traffic in a very short time, they generally stay open for about a week

I have just completed my first Giveaway in this style and it’s been a big success.

JV GIveaways banner

My JV Giveaway

Here are the basic details of my event:

# There were 10 marketers involved, including me
# We all had similar list sizes … not the same size, but we’re all established marketers
# It was open for 10 days
# I prefer to run my JV Giveaways over 10 days, from a Friday to the Sunday evening the week after
# I used affiliate text promos on the front page
# I added a re-Tweet facility to my page (Viral Tweets)
# I moved the gifts around, to a) make the page look different on subsequent visits b) to make sure that each marketer got a turn ‘near the top’
# Each marketer agreed to mail out 3 times while the event was open

Here’s a link to the Giveaway page, but you’ll see that it’s now closed.

My JV Giveaway results

This is the bit you’ll be most interested in :-)

Here are the headline results for 10 days and you’ll see how much traffic and activity the event created over the 10 day period.

JV Giveaway statistics

This set of figures shows you the traffic that the Giveaway has driven over the 10 days that it’s open.

You can actually see exactly when it opens and when it closes, because of the boost in numbers and bandwidth!

The columns show from left to right, Number of visits, Pages, Hits and Bandwidth.

As you can see, for a small event which didn’t take a lot of time to set up, it did some nice steady business and drove a respectable amount of traffic.

JV Giveaways graph

This graph shows visually the same set of stats, and I think this puts the entire event into a much sharper focus.

My blog will usually show a steady trickle of traffic, as I’m not really using it for any consistent marketing at the moment.

However, once the JV Giveaway opens, you can see how lively things get, and then they drop off once again.

Now a conventional event drives many more times more traffic than this, but this is a very respectable showing for a small and collaborative event between 10 marketers … and remember that everybody else involved in the event will be seeing a similar upturn at the same time :-)

Finally, in the image below, I have shown you the leader board with other marketers’ names removed, with the exception of mine.

JV Giveaway rankingsYou can see that I sent 442 unique page impressions to the Giveaway over 10 days, and that put me in 2nd place among the marketers taking part.

The re-Tweet figures show the power of giving away a free gift in exchange for a Twitter post … and remember, that action allowed me to drive more traffic to a second offer, see a big gain in my own Twitter followers and also encourage users to access an e-book that contains many of my affiliate links.

JV Giveaway conclusions

I hope that I’m convincing you here of the power of these events, even though they’re much smaller than conventional Giveaways.

Remember too, that if you have ten marketers each with a list of 10k, you’re going to drive massive amounts of traffic to your event … it’s all a matter of scale.

In fact I know of an established marketer who added over 350 new subscribers overnight in one of these events.

Even I added a couple of hundred over the course of the week, which isn’t a bad boost for a small event.

If you need partners for an event like this, head for the Warrior Forum or JV Notify Pro and find suitable partners there.

Or, alternatively, you can hook up with people of similar list sizes by using a resource like Safe Swaps which is not just a great place to ad swap, you can also find people who are at the same stage in their marketing as you are.

I shall be holding one of these events again as it did everything an internet marketer would want from a JV Giveaway.

# Allowed me to work collaboratively with some marketing friends

# Generated income

# Drove traffic

# Built my list

# Generated multiple affiliate sign-ups through bonus page offers

# Added multiple Twitter followers

# Generated traffic to my blog and lots of comments and interaction

# Pushed the ranking up for this blog by over 30k places

For more information on regular JV Giveaways, check out this blog post called How To Hold Your Own Giveaway Event

Find out how I built a list of over 4000 subscribers using just Giveaways in this Giveaways success interview


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  • David Walker

    Reply Reply August 24, 2010

    Hey Paul,

    Your event was great to be a part of and I wouldn’t have known about this script unless you had got in touch.

    It’s a really cool script and one I am going to use myself in the near future.

    I think you get the best of both elements of a Giveaway and an Adswap with it and you can create high quality, highly targeted mini events which are worth participating in.

    A great find and another addition to my marketing arsenal.

    David Walker recently posted…7 Marketing Lessons Learned From Craig BellamyMy Profile


  • Richard Moloney

    Reply Reply August 26, 2010

    Hi Paul

    Seems like a great idea and a very, very, very reasonably priced script. I’ve just downloaded it and will use it in the future.

    Richard Moloney recently posted…GVO ConferenceMy Profile


    Paul Teague Reply:

    Hi Richard, will try and get a video made asap and i’ll post it here and via my emails when I do.

    Regards, Paul


  • Rick Byrd

    Reply Reply August 26, 2010


    Them seems to be a pretty cool script.

    I had not really thought about running my own Giveaway event but for the price of the script it might be something worth checking out.

    Thanks for the idea and the link.

    – Rick
    Rick Byrd recently posted…Business Ethics – Is There Such a ThingMy Profile


  • Sally

    Reply Reply August 27, 2010

    Hiya Paul,

    What a really great post, so indepth too.

    I am becoming a stat addict I tell ya!

    Really need to get myself and a free product started so I can at least participate in a JV giveaway before I take the steps to running one I think.

    But if I ever do, I know who I am coming to for advice…. YOU!

    Sally :)
    Sally recently posted…How Wii Boxing Helped My Internet BusinessMy Profile


  • Paul Teague

    Reply Reply August 29, 2010

    I’m no longer suggesting that you save money by using Giveaway Buzz, I tried a full test and install and I wasn’t happy with the tracking on it. I’d suggest you stick with Mark Austin’s Giveaway Event Manager … I was trying to save everybody some cash, but as with most things in life, you get what you pay for!
    Paul Teague recently posted…Set up your own JV GiveawayMy Profile


  • Anthony Tilley

    Reply Reply August 30, 2010

    Hi Paul

    Really good to have been part of this giveaway event along with yourself and the other guys.

    As you know I was on holiday while this was running, and this is one of the many beauties of internet marketing, I was playing with my kids in a swimming pool in Rhodes while my list grew thanks to this great event and superb script.

    The script is right at the top of my shopping list of tools to grow my business with.

    Thanks for the stats, much appreciated.


    Anthony Tilley recently posted…Fail to Plan &amp You Plan to FailMy Profile


  • Bolaji @

    Reply Reply September 4, 2010

    Hi Paul,

    This is a generous post. Thanks for the great details, and personal anecdotes.

    I’ve been asking around in the Marketing with Alex forum for the past week or two, about Alex students hosting their own JV Giveaways. after having participated in one excellent JV Giveaway (Stephanie Mulac’s Ultimate Blogging Giveaway), and two lesser giveaways, I’ve realized the list-building potential for the organizer!

    I’m learning all that I can about organizing a JV Giveaway with other MWA students. You’ve given us a huge leg-up with this post… David Walker’s insights on his 30th birthday giveaway were helpful also. (Here’s the link, for anyone who wants it:

    Any further guidance you can provide for newbie Giveaway organizers would be very appreciated! Let me know how I can help support any of your upcoming giveaways, or other marketing activities. (Might want to pick your brain about membership sites as well – I just purchased WP Wish List).

    Take care!

    Bolaji @ recently posted…Writing an eBook- What’s Your Super PowerMy Profile


  • I found your web page on google and read many of your other posts. freezing added you to my best Google News Reader. Keep up the good work look forward to reading more from you later on.


  • Fiona Inglis

    Reply Reply January 22, 2011

    Hi Paul,
    Just actually came across this post, even though I am a green horn in Jv,s I am so impressed and overwhelmed on what the potential of these events are, that I am considering running one in the future, obviously I will need a bigger list, more experience and a lot more knowledge, but to me the jv,s have been an absolute life saver for me, as I was all ready to pack it all in, and retreat back into the humdrum.
    So I will be reading up and trying to take everything in, in the hopes that my dream will become a reality.


    Paul Teague Reply:

    If you think Giveaways are hot Fiona, wait until you hold your own :-)


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