20 Tips For Your Business Page On Facebook

I wanted to share this great infographic with you because it's a superb summary of all the key things that every Fan Page owner needs to be doing.

I'd want to add a few more things to this list too, because in my opinion they're also really important:

1) Don't forget the value of a fan gate/like page.

This went out of  fashion a bit when the default landing page option disappeared, but they're as powerful as they ever were.

Use tips 19 & 20 with this technique and drive your users and prospects to bespoke content which offers them a free gift of some great content in exchange for a ‘like'.

Using Facebook For Business

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2) Get proper buttons made for your apps

I know that most activity takes place in the newsfeed these days, but you can still adapt Facebook to deliver whatever bespoke content that you want it to.

So you should make full use of the 10 apps spaces that are made available by Facebook, and you should use properly designed buttons to draw attention to them.

In web site terms remember, they are ‘above the fold', so are very valuable real estate on your business page.

Facebook app buttons

3) Use the ‘Pin to top' and ‘Highlight' functions on your posts

Remember that you can direct attention to specific Timeline posts – and place them ‘above the fold' where they're more likely to be sen, by using these techniques.

You can see both options in the image below … Highlight places the post across both Timeline columns and is excellent for photographs.

Pin To Top keeps a specific post to the top of your newsfeed, and is great if you have a specific promo message that you want all your page visitors to see.

Facebook post options

I hope those tips are useful, here are 20 more now courtesy of https://lyubcho.com/

20 tips for your Facebook pag

Any more to add? Please submit your own suggestions using the comments form below …

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