Facebook Fan Pages And Privacy

One of the greatest causes of concern that I experience over Facebook business pages when I'm running Facebook coaching days is the worry that business customers will somehow be able to find your personal profile via your Fan Page.

It's true, that is perfectly possible, but there are three simple ways that you can be 100% sure of avoiding that risk.

Step 1: Do not use your personal profile to market your business.

This is against Facebook's T&Cs and it is pretty well the number 1 mistake made by businesses.

Instead, you should create Fan Pages for your businesses, hobbies, schools, brands or charities by using this resource.

Step 2: Ensure that your personal profile is not linked to your Fan Page.

If you set yourself as a ‘featured page owner' your business page is linked to your personal profile.

So in the image below, nobody has been set as a ‘featured page owner' and that means nobody will be able to click from your business page to your personal profile (unless you ignore step 3!).

This is the only stage at which you can be directly ‘hooked up' with your Fan Page … but it is important to follow the final step to make sure that you don't give the game away!

Facebook privacy

Step 3: When you use Facebook, you have the option of using it as yourself (ie via your personal profile) or as any one of your Fan Pages:

Posting as

 Using Facebook as your Fan Page means that if you have set up step 2 correctly, you cannot be identified via your profile as the owner of a page.

You might be perfectly happy letting clients and customers know who you are on your business pages (why wouldn't you be?) you just don't want them making that direct link to your personal profile.

Use Facebook AsUsing Facebook as your Fan Page is also an excellent way of driving web traffic to your business, as any comments that you make appear in news feeds where they can be seen by friends and (hopefully!) clicked on.

Using Facebook For Business

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