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Using Facebook For Business by Paul Teague

I update this page in between revisions of the guide.

If there are no notes below, there are new features to add yet.

[Updates will appear here if/when available]

Update 1: June 3rd 2016 – Facebook just changed the page layout.

Read more here: https://www.facebook.com/business/a/facebook-page-look

My advice remains the same, but a few things change places.

I've added my observations in the image below:

Facebook page layout change

Update 2: Facebook new image upload options for business pages:

Facebook image upload

Update 3: Facebook changes for to ‘Like as Page':

Facebook 'Like as Page'


Bonus Video: How To Tame Your News Feed

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Bonus Facebook Presentation

Here is a replay of a Facebook presentation created for local businesses.

It covers many of the basic principles covered in the book and serves as excellent preparation for working through ‘Using Facebook For Business’ …

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