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How To Create 3D Book Covers For Free

Creating 3D graphics can be a real pain sometimes, especially if you're not a natural born Photoshop Ninja.

A couple of years ago I had to pay a lot of money to buy a set of Photoshop actions to create my covers.

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These days life is a lot easier!

My favourite resource is MyEcoverMaker.com, which offers both free and paid-for versions.

This web-based software allows you to create quality, 3D covers in a wide variety of formats.

Here's a small selection of some of mine:

3D covers made with My eCover Maker

None of this required any hi-tech on my part though I had to have a basic flat cover to use first.

I'll explain how I did it in three simple steps.

[Note: There is a step-by-step ‘how-to’ video at the bottom of the page showing this entire process]

Step 1: Use The Kindle Cover Maker

Whenever you create a new Kindle book, you get access to the free built-in cover creator at https://kdp.amazon.com

By uploading an image purchased from somewhere like Fotolia.com, the cover creator will offer you a variety of options based upon your title and author information:

Kindle Cover options

Select your preferred option, put the image in ‘Preview' mode, to get the highest quality, then take a screenshot using one of the following services:

Jing: Free at https://paulteague.com/jing

Snagit: Paid, but my preferred tool at https://paulteague.com/snagit

Awesome Screenshot free Chrome add-on at https://paulteague.com/awesome

Capture, Explain and Send Screenshots free Chrome add-on at https://paulteague.com/capture

Download the screen capture of your 2D cover to your PC or laptop.

Step 2: Upload Image To MyEcovermaker

I certainly recommend that your try a free account in the first instance, just take it out for a spin.

You only have a limited number of options, but it's good enough to get you started:

MyEcoverMaker options

I used option 2 (above) for my working copies of ‘The Grid' covers (below):

The Grid covers

Step 3: Create The 3D Cover

To get started, select the 3D cover template that you wish to use then upload your 2D book image via the ‘Upload Images' button:

Upload images

Tip: It's usually best to make sure that your full cover image is used, MyEcoverMaker usually tries to display just a small area of it – I don't know why!

The area is easily resizable, however, so just use the full area available to you.

Click ‘Select and continue' and then ‘Finalize' and after a few moments, you'll have your completed 3D cover:


You now have a number of options, indicated by the digits in the image above.

1: Download a flattened 2D version of your cover, only applicable if you use the built-in backgrounds, graphics and images (see video)

2: 3D downloads area

3: White background image

4: Transparent background images

5: Change image size

I always download white and transparent backgrounds, you tend to need a mix of both.

I download full-size images and also smaller versions … 300 pixels and 250 pixels are usually handy widths to have around.

Additional Options

MyEcoverMaker also gives you a number of other options so that you can build your covers from scratch:

  • Stock images gallery
  • Abstract images
  • Shapes
  • Ready-made graphics

I show you how to use these options in the video below.

Image options

Advanced Cover Options

If you don't fancy using MyEcoverMaker, here are two more ways of getting your covers made easily.

1: Get covers made my graphics designers from all over the world at https://paulteague.com/fiverr 

2) Pay more, but get great cover designs at https://paulteague.com/99designs

I use MyEcoverMaker for two purposes.

Firstly, to help me make ‘working' book covers so that I can promote books before I've had the proper covers made.

Secondly, to give me more 3D options to use once I've paid for the proper covers to be made.

I usually get just one 3D cover version when I pay for covers, so using MyEcoverMaker gives me a lot more options to play with.

Watch The Step-By-Step Video


  • Patricia

    October 17, 2015

    Excellent information! Just what I need right now. Thank you so much : )
    Patricia recently posted…Aug 2, Pricing Jewelry for Wholesale and RetailMy Profile

    pault23 Reply:

    Excellent, delighted to hear it Patricia.

    Thanks for your kind feedback, I appreciate it.


  • Kristen

    December 19, 2016

    I am a little lost when it comes to 3D ebook covers. I am embarrassed to becuase I’ve been in design for over 15 years, but I have been so wrapped up in what I do for work, very boring sticker designs, that I didn’t realize I need to brush up on new stuff. I was asked to do a 3D cover for a digital cookbook, but have struggled to find just what to do. I created a 2D cover in Illustrator and its approved, now do I need to save it as a certain file type and just upload it to amazon kindle directly or do I have to use a 3D program to make the cover first? I am at a loss for what the step is between design complete and upload to publish. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

    pault23 Reply:

    Hi Kristen, unfortunately I have no design ability at all 🙁

    However, I think that most designers use Photoshop Actions to create covers.

    This is the best-known source from my personal experience: https://www.psdcovers.com/

    Failing that, if you lack the skills as I do, you need to use something like the software used in the blog post.

    I used to use Photoshop Actions a couple of years ago, they’re easy enough to use, but cloud-based software is even easier.

    My advice to you is to check out https://www.psdcovers.com/ and follow the blog at https://www.psdcovers.com/category/blog/

    Regards, Paul

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