How To Embed A Facebook Post

Facebook has introduced embedded posts and this is another incredibly useful way of encouraging engagement on your web site or blog.

It's really easy to use, here is you 5-step guide.

Step 1: Access The Embed Code

Firstly, select the Facbook post that you wish to embed.

Hold your cursor over the top right hand corner of the post to reveal the options menu:

Access the Facbook embed cod

Step 2: Select The Embed Option

Click the ‘Embed Post' option in the menu:

Embed Facebook post

Step 3: ‘Cut And Paste' The Embed Code

Highlight the code and copy it (use CTRL + ‘C' to do this):

Facebook embed code

Step 4: Add The HTML Code To Your Blog Or Web Site

Go to the HTML view of your web site or blog.

In WordPress, it's simply a matter of clicking the ‘Text' tab in your past or page area.

Position your cursor where you want the embedded post to appear.

Then ‘paste' the HTML code into that spot … (use CTRL + ‘V' to do this):

Wordpress HTML view

Step 5: Use This Power Tip To Position Your Embedded Post

Your raw code will look something like this:

HTML code from Facebook

If you want to centre the post, make the changes below indicated by bold text:

Adapted HTML code

This Is What Your Embedded Post Looks Like


Watch A Video Demo Of This Technique

Using Facebook For Business

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