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How To Power Up Your LinkedIn Posts

Want One Of These On Your Blog Or Web Site?

It's a live, automatically updated feed of all of my LinkedIn blog posts which I can easily add to my web site or blog.

And it's completely free to make 🙂

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Have you tried LinkedIn long form posts yet? At the time of writing, they're only available to some members as LinkedIn completes the rollout process. These profile based blog posts are a great way to boost your visibility not only because they're shared with your connections and followers, but also because they're searchable on and off LinkedIn. I gave these posts a few weeks to settle down when they became available, but I quickly saw many high profile writers across a number of industries using them, to excellent effect. So I decided to jump in myself, and ensure that my LinkedIn profile had at least three, generic and informative posts at the top of my profile page. You can see how nice that looks in the image below: Paul Teague on LinkedIn Having set up my initial three posts, I started to tinker a little … and it was then that I made a very nice discovery which will really help all LinkedIn users to sweat the posts that they create for the site. I was concerned that they were too hidden away on LinkedIn, I wanted to do more with them. In this no-cost set up process, I'll show you how you can really make the most of every blog post that you ever write on LinkedIn.

How To Create An RSS Feed Of Your LinkedIn Posts

Did you know that your LinkedIn posts are available via an RSS feed? That means that – with a bit of ‘jiggery pokery' – you can set things up so that readers can subscribe to your LinkedIn blog feed. And that means that people who decide to sign up can get every post that you write delivered directly to their email inbox. See what my LinkedIn post feed looks like here.

Here's how it's done:

Step 1: Log in to your LinkedIn account. Step 2: Navigate to any one of your long form posts, you'll find them here. Here's one of mine as an example, we're not referring to your everyday, short updates. Step 3: Take a close look at the URL of your post and extract your personal LinkedIn ID number: LinkedIn ID Insert it into a link of this format: So mine looks like this: and my personal LinkedIn user ID is 103102931 That link is an RSS feed of all of your LinkedIn posts. As you create new posts, it will automatically update the feed. At the moment it will look like gobbledeegook to you – don't worry, the cool stuff happens next 🙂 Step 4: Register for a free Feedburner account here. Step 5: Add your RSS feed to Feedburner Feedburner Step 6: Name your Feedburner feed – keep it simple. Mine is: You'll find yours on a page that looks like this: Feedburner

How To Add Your LinkedIn Posts To FeedGrabbr

We now need to add this RSS feed to FeedGrabbr, the free service which will let us create the nice widget for our blog our web site: FeedGrabbr Step 1: Register for your free FeedGrabbr account here. Step 2: Click on ‘Make New Widget' Step 3: In the content section, add your newly created RSS feed: FeedGrabbr info Note: Some people report a slight delay with FeedGrabbr pulling through the posts feed … please wait a short while if you get this delay, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have made an error. Step 4: You now need to adjust some key data to make the widget look good on your page: fb-info 1) You need to tell FeedGrabbr where you'll be placing the widget 2) Give the widget a title 3) Determine the width and height of your widget – play around with it to make sure it looks good 4) I went for one column because I have only 3 posts at present, use scrolling if you have many posts available 5) This is your widget preview … play around with the settings options until you're happy with it 6) Click this button to get the ready-made code for your blog or web site: Embed code

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