Using Gmail for business

How To Use Gmail Effectively In Your Business

If your email inbox is constantly full or you’re fed up with logging into multiple email accounts, it’s time to discover how Gmail can help you to seize back full control of your online life.

Gmail removes the need to run multiple email accounts.

So if you have a Hotmail email address, and email address and several different business emails, you can access them all via one Gmail account.

You can colour code each account, filter and sort them and even send automated responses based on the words and phrases used.

There are also some amazing add-ons that you can integrate with your account to make your online life a lot easier.

In this slide presentation, I will show you everything that you need to know to use Gmail effectively in your business and personal life.

Not only will you find out how to finally manage your emails effectively but you will also discover some amazing add-ons to use that will simplify your life and boost your time management.

Further resources and links are available on this page including how to ‘send mail as' and setting up POP accounts.

Content covered in this presentation:

  • A look at Gmail and what it does
  • Why Gmail – and not Hotmail, Outlook or any other popular email services?
  • How Gmail fits in with other Google services
  • Importing and integrating all of your email addresses
  • Gmail general settings (includes email signatures, out of office replies, notifications, and shortcuts)
  • Effective use of labels in Gmail – and Google+ circles integration
  • Managing your inbox basics (includes category management)
  • Web clips
  • Using Gmail Labs to activate some really useful extras
  • Using Gmail offline
  • Changing themes
  • Multiple inboxes
  • Using Boomerang for Gmail to control your email like a Time Management Ninja!
  • Using Sidekick to track your emails
  • Using Gmail with Google Calendar
  • Adding multiple email accounts to Gmail (includes ‘send as’, imports, auto forwarding and ‘mark as read’)
  • Using filters to manage your emails
  • Google Drive and Gmail integration
  • Using Gmail on your mobile device

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