Self-Publishing Fast Track Presentation

This is a practical ‘no fluff' presentation aimed at giving aspiring self-published authors all the tools they need to get a book released sooner rather than later.

If you're eager to get your book published and you want to break through all the barriers experienced by most new and aspiring authors, this session will give you the inspiration and the tools to finally see your name in print.

In this presentation, I will show you:

  • How to manage your time to get the writing done
  • How you can still make money from self-publishing selling zero books [The Series Strategy]
  • The tools to use to write and format your books
  • The self-publishing writing strategy that hooks readers and makes you more sales
  • Amazing, free resources that you need to use in self-publishing
  • Great sources of self-publishing information to help you get into print
  • Tips for creating an eye-catching online author platform
  • How to get great cover designs on a tight budget
  • How to think like a marketer when creating your books
  • Why going down the traditional publishing route may not be your best option

More information and useful URLs can be found on this page.

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