Time Management

Social Media Time Management Tools

If you're struggling with social media time management, it's time to load up with some great strategies.

Social media is a fabulous resource and tool for any business, but sometimes it can feel like ‘just another thing to do'.

This presentation will show you how to manage your time on social media much better by combining a clear social media strategy with some superb time management tools.

Content covered in this practical presentation:

  • Setting targets: determining why you are using social media
  • Developing a time management strategy for social media
  • The hazards of always-on notifications and how to manage them
  • Effective content curation and useful tools
  • Listening/automation/scheduling and measuring in social media
  • Some time management basics and great resources
  • A look at some of the free tools that you can use for effective social media management

To find out more about this topic and access URLs and further resources, please check out this page.

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