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I know that headline sounds like a bold claim, but it's true!

I have read two articles over the past 24 hours which got my brain chugging away … and I actually realised that it's possible nowadays to launch an internet business with all the things that you need to make money online at no cost whatsoever.

Now before I tell you how, I want to add an essential disclaimer to this, because as with all things in life, it's not quite that simple.

Earning potentialWhat I'm not saying here is that you can grab these free tools and you'll be a millionaire overnight.

Business plans do not work unless we do!

Nor can you do this with zero skills … if you've never worked online before, you will need to learn some basic skills, either by getting a mentor, or teaching yourself via readily available online resources.

The key points that I do want to want to stress here though are:

1) You really can get started for free (so stop buying expensive products that you don't need!)

2) These free resources really are good enough for you to start to make money online (you can upgrade when you're generating an income!)

3) You have no excuse not to give this a try if you need to generate an extra income source  … all you need to add is time and effort and commitment for it to work.

So how do you make money online for free?

Lee McIntyre Facebook post

Here are the two posts that I just read that got me thinking about this.

The first was called Here's How To Start A Business For $100 and you'll see that I even added a comment at the end of  that post.

The second item you can see on the left  … it was a Facebook post by a UK marketer who I've followed for several years now, Lee McIntyre.

Lee boils the online process down to three steps:

1) Create an offer

2) Build a system to sell that offer

3) Drive web traffic to that offer

So how do we put Lee's 3-point system together with Natalie Sisson's in her article about getting started for only $100 … and is it really possible to reduce that $100 budget even further?

Make money online from today with these FREE tools

The first thing on Lee's list is to create an offer.

How do you do that for free?

Well, there are two resources that I recommend to ‘beginners' time and time again – because they're free and because they work.

Not in a ‘press a button and you'll be a millionaire at the end of the week' kind of way – please don't continue reading if you think that can be done, because it can't!

So, to create an offer, use these free resources:

1) Resell Rights Weekly … monthly updates and ready-made e-books which you can give away for free or charge a small fee. Go for items labelled ‘Master Resale/Giveaway Rights!

2) Instant Squeeze Page Generator … generates an opt-in page for you (example here created in 2 minutes) and automatically generates the download link to add to the first email that your new subscribers receive (example here).

You'll notice that before you get your hands on your free e-book, you're sent via an upsell offer … if your prospect goes on to buy, you take a commission.

See why I recommend that product now 😉

By the way, all of these offers will make what are called upsells …. you don't need them (not yet anyway!) just scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘No Thanks!' buttons to claim your valuable free access.

SystemNext, we need to build a system to sell that offer … and this is where we move on more to Natalie's blog post about getting started online for $100.

Step 1: We need a Paypal account … that's free of course and an essential item for any online marketer.

Once you have a Paypal account, also check out and because on those two sites you'll find great offers which you can promote for high commissions.

Step 2: You need an auto responder to capture the names and email addresses of people who buy from you or visit your web pages.

If you capture this information it means that you can market to them time and time again, potentially making more money from repeat buyers.

The best free autoresponder which allows you to send up to 12,000 free emails per month to up to 2000 people is Mailchimp.

Now remember what I said about business plans not working unless we do?

Well, you are going to have to do some learning about auto responders, but guess what?

That's free too!

Just access Mailchimp's learning resources here and the academy here.

Step 3: Now here's where you need to build up a circle of online web sites, as these will feed very much into Lee's final point about driving traffic to your online offers.

So, to get started, you need at the very least:

A blog (see below)

A Twitter account – get one free here

A GooglePlus account – get one free here

A Facebook Fan Page – get one free here

You'll need to build a blog as you develop your online business – my own blog has been running since 2008, when I first started to work online with a view to generating income from it.

So can you really get started for free?

Yes you can … you really should buy a domain name for your blog (it should be your own name, or the name of your business) but I'm assuming zero cost in this blog post – because I'm trying to make a point here – so here's how you get around that! gives you free hosting with no adverts – perfect!

Web trafficEven better though, and it's the only hosting service I know that does this (please leave a comment below if you know of any others!) it also allows you to create a free web site with a blogging facility built in with no technical skills required – it's all ‘drag and drop' and WYSIWYG … and no adverts.

(2015 update: Hostinger is also a very good, ad-free, no-cost service and great if you're wanting to use WordPress.)

So we now have our free system in place, with which we can:

1) Create free and engaging content and information (on our web site, via our Twitter/Facebook/GooglePlus accounts)

2) Capture email addresses and send follow up emails and offers to people who engage with us (via Mailchimp)

3) Create multiple monetised offers (via Instant Sales Page Generator and Resell Rights Weekly)

4) Accept payments (via Paypal, JVZoo and Payspree)

So finally, we have the big problem of driving web traffic … it's alright having all this in place, how do we send traffic to those offers?

This is Lee's ‘drive web traffic to that offer' comment, and it's the single thing that floors most new online marketers.

My number one tip driving free web traffic, building a list of subscribers, making money fast and getting your hands on a load of free learning materials is to take part in Joint Venture Giveaways. is the best resource for getting details of the latest JV Giveawayevents.

This is how I got started and this is how I built my own list of subscribers to over 5000 … it gave me the momentum I needed to start building my online business.

Use this technique in conjunction with your social media outlets and your blog/web site and it will get things going very fast.

By the way, you can enter JV Giveaways for free, but you will always be made upsell offers.

It's better to upgrade in these events, but you don't have to.

I would advise making money in a JV Giveaway then re-investing in an upgrade next time around if money is tight.

In addition, I cover lots of other free traffic generating techniques in my webinar series ‘Newbie Headaches Terminated' …. and yes, that's free too 😉

Is it really that easy to make money online?

Business plans do not work unless we do! That's the bottom line here really, there is no push-button solution, you've go to do the work.

LaptopUse those techniques and apply them, and it will work … slowly, steadily, you will see it building.

Now, this is not the ideal way to start an online business … I can still undercut Natalie's $100 budget, but there are some things that you really ought to do from the very beginning.

The first  is to get a proper WordPress blog and a domain name.

You really do need to master WordPress and there are plenty of free resources online to show you how like for instance, and don't forget all the lovely tutorials on YouTube that are just sitting there waiting for you to consume them.

The cheapest place to get a domain name is and the best place for paid hosting is, go for the Hatchling Plan in the first instance.

You're literally talking a few dollars to get started with those services, and I'd have to say, even though I've shown you how to do it all for free,  I really would consider buying the domain name and the proper WordPress blog, you'll never regret it as  your business builds.

By the way, a little known service in Internet Marketing circles is

The reason I'm recommending this service is because their training and support for WordPress is excellent (see  and also, they'll actually install the WordPress blog for you.

So how's that, you really can start to make money online for free – it won't make you a millionaire, but it will begin to build the foundations of a career that could pay you thousands of dollars – the principals and techniques are always the same, Lee McIntyre boiled it down to three things and he's absolutely right about that process.

What I hope I've shown you in this post is that you really can start an online business, you can do it with no money whatsoever (even though I don't recommend that!) and all the resources are out there to enable you to get started quickly.

If you have any great, genuinely free resources that you can recommend please let me know about them below!


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