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Using To Create Amazing Graphics (With No Hassles!)

Want to create fabulous headers for your social media profiles?

Need properly sized images for Pinterest or Instagram?

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Want to create posters, marketing materials or Kindle e-book covers without having to use expensive designers?

All of your problems are solved immediately, once you begin to use

In the bad old days of graphic design you either had to pay a fortune to get the work done or you had to struggle with Photoshop.

Easy-to-use sites like made life much easier, but is the site that no online marketer can do without.

What's So Good About Canva?

Firstly, it's free.

Now, you can pay $1 a time if you use their images, certain pre-made banners or premium text designs, but that has never been necessary in my experience.

I use it free of charge and now avoid Photoshop entirely, using it as my preferred tool for social media banners and blog headers.

It's also incredibly easy to use.

I use Canva in my business training sessions and I haven't found a person yet who couldn't get to grips with it straight away.

It allows you to make a vast array of different graphic designs by taking all of the usual pain away.

Canva blogging and ebooks

You can create designs in the following categories:

  1. Social Media Posts (ie Pinterest graphic, Instagram post etc)
  2. Documents (ie letterhead, magazine, presentation)
  3. Blogging and eBooks (ie Kindle cover, desktop wallpaper, infographic, album cover)
  4. Marketing Materials (Real Estate flyer, Food & Drink menu, business card)
  5. Social Media and Email Headers (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
  6. Events (ie Postcard, wedding invitation, photo collage)
  7. Ads (ie Facebook ad, leaderboard ad, wide skyscraper ad)

If you need to create a design in a bespoke size, you can do that too:

Canva custom banner size

The Nuts And Bolts Of Canva

Once you get signed up to Canva, and navigate to the admin area, this is what you'll see:

Canva image options

In the image above, this is what the numbers indicate:

1: Search – allows you to search all of Canva's ready made photos, charts and graphics.

It's like Christmas in there:-)

Canva search

2: Layouts – Canva creates ready-made and re-sizable banners for you.

How kind is that?

You don't have to use their default text, it's easily edited and customised:

Canva layouts

3: Text – select cool fonts and text layouts, change size, alignment and colouring:

Canva text options

4: Background – select the colours of your choosing, aligned with your brand, or use Canva's ready-made layouts and deploy the text tool to add your own wording:

Canva background options

5: Uploads – upload your own images and logos for use in your designs, or use Canva's images.

Remember, if you use one of their paid-for images, they cost just $1 a time.

Canva image options

6: Search Canva images – access Canva's massive database of design elements and images:

Canva search

How To Create Graphic Designs With Canva

You can watch my step-by-step video on how to use Canva at the bottom of this page.

However, it's very straightforward, whatever design you're creating.

Step 1: Click on the type of design you want to make or create a work area of the specific size you require

Step 2: Drag and drop backgrounds, text, images … whatever elements you need in your design.

Mix and match Canva's images and graphics with your own.

Step 3: Re-size, move around and get things how you like them.

Step 4: Click the share or Download button.

Share allows you to send by email or post to Twitter or Facebook.

Share or download

You can see in the image below how easy it is to work on a design using multiple images:

Creating a Canva banner

In the image above, the number markers refer to the following:

1: The main Canva work area.

The size changes, depending on what type of image you're working on.

2: Image background

3: Smaller image uploaded.

This can be re-sized, rotated or deleted.

4: Each element in the design can be deleted, copied, filtered or cropped.

5: The download button

Any designs which you create can be made public for sharing and all designs are saved in your account.

As you can see, is so simple, I wouldn't be without it 🙂

Video Guide To Using


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