What Legoland Can Teach Marketers About Upsells

I've just returned from a short break where I took my kids on a day trip to Pleasure Island, which is a theme  park in Lincolnshire.

It was bang in the middle of the summer holidays, a nice rain-free day (you don't get many of those in the UK!) and at the weekend … so there was no reason whatsoever why the place shouldn't have been packed out.

However, it as what I would describe as ‘pleasantly busy' … ie there were enough people there not to feel like you were on your own, but not enough people there to make us stand in queues for more than 5 minute at a time.

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Legoland upsells

Later on that day I spoke to my brother who'd seen the owner of Pleasure Island bemoaning her lot and admitting that visitor numbers were too low – you can see the report on YouTube here.

We paid £18.50 per person for entry, it was less for children under 3 years old and as far as I could see from the advertising, the only other ticket option was a £60 per person season pass.

Okay, let's wind the clock back a couple of months to when I visited Legoland with my youngest son earlier in the year.

We attended on a week day, the weather was the same – fine and no rain – but it was during the school term, so the park was pleasantly full once again, but this time with pre-school age children.

However, there was one really big difference between Pleasure Island and Legoland, and you can see it in the images on this page.

Legoland offered upsells to existing customers, Pleasure Island did not.

And herein lies a lesson for all marketers, because this principal applies whether you work online or offline.

Wherever you have existing customers – people who are ready to buy from you – you will always have a proportion of those customers who will be willing to pay you more for a premium service.

Legoland does it with the Q-Bot … a great way of skipping the queues and getting some ‘VIP' treatment.

And there isn't just one upsell on offer – there are three!

The top one adds an extra £70 per customer … and remember, they paid for admission already, they've already got access to the rides, this is simply a ‘high perceived value' service, it costs Legoland nothing to provide.
Legoland upsells

I'd travelled all the way from Cumbria – via an overnight stay in London – to take my son to Legoland, do you think that if we'd gone on a busy day I'd have paid for the upgrade to make sure that we accessed all the rides?

Of course I would … as would countless other customers who'd made much less of a journey than me, but who wanted that ‘VIP experience' and were willing to pay the price for it.

You will struggle to find a place in my online marketing where I don't offer an upsell – there's always the opportunity to get a better package, something extra or an upgrade.

And you know why I do this?

Because it works extremely well, and I always make sales this way.

Many people disregard upsells saying ‘People hate them' or ‘They're just annoying' or ‘I don't want to lose an existing customer'.

But that's just nonsense I'm afraid!

It's the difference between Legoland and Pleasure Island.

Legoland extracts more money, for doing nothing extra, from existing customers who have paid them once already.

Special OfferPleasure Island takes a flat fee, then extracts no further money from existing visitors (other than for food, drinks, ice creams etc).

And the best known upsell ever is ‘Do you want to go large?' … you have your cash out, you're just about to pay, and McDonalds squeezes a bit more cash out of you – genius!

I first learned this principle when we launched Auto Cash Funnel in 2010.

I was stunned that 50% of our profits came from upsells which were much higher priced that our front end offer.

People bought the full rack of offers – not all of them, but enough to boost profits by 50%!

So in your business, don't be afraid to make more sales – your customers won't run away.

In fact they'll welcome the opportunity to buy even more from you.

And although I'd never rate myself as a theme park expert, I'd be willing to take a punt that including upsells at Pleasure Island would certainly go some way to helping with the profits!

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