How To Be The Perfect Author Guest On A Writing Podcast

I launched my self-publishing podcast in April 2016 and immediately began the hunt for great guests to populate my weekly broadcast. I like to run at least one month ahead in terms of pre-recorded interviews, so I’m always looking forward several weeks in my planning. I noticed immediately that authors do themselves no favours when…

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How To Use Vellum On A PC

If you’re a self-published author, you’ve probably heard of Vellum by now. It’s the wonderful formatting software that Mac users gloat about when they inform you that it can’t be used on a PC. But what if you hate Macs like I do (see my archive post here as to why) but still want to use…

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The Novel Factory

How and Why I Use The Novel Factory To Plot My Books

I have never made any attempt to hide my love of The Novel Factory Software. I took the 7-day free trial and didn’t even bother waiting until the end of the week to upgrade. I saw it, loved it and now use it for every book that I write. I have just completed a marathon…

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Goal reached

Rocket-Powered Time Management

Businesses lose millions to lost productivity every year and countless hours are wasted. Microsoft Research found that workers use only about 60% of their available work time, on average 3 productive days out of a 5-day working week. Check out some of the best time management tools that are available and find out how to…

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Time Management

Social Media Time Management Tools

If you’re struggling with social media time management, it’s time to load up with some great strategies. Social media is a fabulous resource and tool for any business, but sometimes it can feel like ‘just another thing to do’. This presentation will show you how to manage your time on social media much better by…

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Online forms and surveys

How To Create Online Forms & Surveys For Free

It’s extremely easy to incorporate surveys and forms into your website. It can be done for free and you don’t need to have any advanced coding skills to do so. When I started working online, it was extremely difficult to do this. Now though, there are many excellent services available which take all the strain…

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Using Gmail for business

How To Use Gmail Effectively In Your Business

If your email inbox is constantly full or you’re fed up with logging into multiple email accounts, it’s time to discover how Gmail can help you to seize back full control of your online life. Gmail removes the need to run multiple email accounts. So if you have a Hotmail email address, and email…

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Using WordPress For Business

Gone are the days of dodgy HTML websites, these days millions of businesses use the free WordPress software to get online. Not only is WordPress free, it’s also capable of doing anything you want to achieve online, from complex e-commerce stores to traffic-busting blogs. In this detailed presentation, I’ll give you all of the essential…

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Using LinkedIn For Business

LinkedIn is an essential social media channel for anybody who’s in business, employees, companies and recruiters. However, it’s very different from Facebook and Twitter and for that reason you really need to know how to use it properly to avoid letting yourself down in the workplace. In this presentation, I’ll show you all of the…

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Using Twitter For Business

Twitter is one of the ‘must have’ social media outlets for all businesses, but for the beginner it can be a bit of a minefield. Firstly, there’s all the new language to learn (Tweets, ReTweets, Hashtags, DMs etc) and then it can take some time to figure out what to say and what to do.…

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Why Scrivener Is An Essential Writing Tool For All Authors

When I wrote my first fiction trilogy, I drafted the entire manuscript in Google Drive. Now that worked very well when I was in first-draft mode, but when I had to pass it on for proof-reading and then begin to format for Kindle and all of the other outlets, I quickly began to regret it.…

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Essential Tools For Taking Screenshots

If you’re a blogger, non-fiction writer or if you use social media regularly, you’re bound to have used screenshots or screen-grabs at one time or another. It used to be quite difficult to do this, but these days there are many great tools to make your images leap off the page. In this article and…

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Viral Marketing

Using Email Marketing For Business

Using Email Marketing For Business Presentation If you’re not using email marketing in your business, then the chances are that you’re leaving money on the table. Every business can benefit from using this marketing strategy, but very few traditional businesses regard their customer database as the huge asset that it is. In this detailed presentation,…

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Graphic design

Using To Create Amazing Graphics (With No Hassles!)

Want to create fabulous headers for your social media profiles? Need properly sized images for Pinterest or Instagram? Want to create posters, marketing materials or Kindle e-book covers without having to use expensive designers? All of your problems are solved immediately, once you begin to use In the bad old days of graphic design…

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URL in browser

How To Create Branded Links With Pretty Link

Most web users are probably familiar with link shorteners. They’re extremely useful for reducing long and unwieldy web links into something altogether more shareable. They are also used widely by affiliate marketers to cloak affiliate links. They can also be used to track clicks and shares. Most commonly you may recognise shortened links like [Amazon…

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Using Webinars For Business

GoToWebinar, AnyMeeting, MeetingBurner, Google Hangouts … there are so many webinar options to choose from. But which do you use? And why are so many businesses rushing to embrace webinar technology to boost prospects, leads and sales? There’s no doubt about it, with broadband speeds now so fast and reliable, webinars are the 21st Century…

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3D glasses

How To Create 3D Book Covers For Free

Creating 3D graphics can be a real pain sometimes, especially if you’re not a natural born Photoshop Ninja. A couple of years ago I had to pay a lot of money to buy a set of Photoshop actions to create my covers. These days life is a lot easier! My favourite resource is, which…

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Self-Publishing Fast Track Presentation

This is a practical ‘no fluff’ presentation aimed at giving aspiring self-published authors all the tools they need to get a book released sooner rather than later. If you’re eager to get your book published and you want to break through all the barriers experienced by most new and aspiring authors, this session will give…

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Using Facebook For Business

Using Facebook For Business Presentations

Confused about how to use Facebook effectively in your business? Concerned that your clients will see private photos and information that you don’t want them to see? In this two-part this online presentation I show you everything that you need to know to use Facebook effectively in your business. I’ll also demonstrate how to separate your private…

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Book shelves

How To Use Book Linker To Promote Self-Published Books

There’s one big problem when it comes to marketing your books on Amazon. If you’re on social media, the chances are that your audiences are spread out all over the world. But Amazon has different sites for different countries and that makes life difficult if you’re trying to promote just one link to your book. For…

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