How To Get More Facebook Fan Page Activity

I posted an image showing a snapshot of the stats on one of my fan pages recently and – as it shows an increase of +462.4% in the number of people seeing my posts, I received the obvious question on one of my social media outlets: How did you do that?


Well, truth be told, that is not a particularly impressive figure if you consider it, because if 1001 people viewing content is +462.4%, then the number of people viewing that content the week before was pretty low …

And therein lies the lesson 🙂

The week prior to these stats I'd messed up something in the Buffer software that I use for automated posts, and I'd barely posted anything at all.

I use a bare minimum of 1 automated post a day on Facebook a) because it allows me to re-post interesting information and b) because it makes sure that I'm posting regularly.

I add to this organic posts ie things that occur to me as I go along and image posts, many of which you'll see used elsewhere in my social media output.

So the lesson?

Using Facebook For Business

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When you stop posting your numbers go down, when you start posting regularly they shoot right up!

That sounds really obvious I know, but many people who get poor results on Facebook just don't even bother with the basics like that.

This excellent infographic from (who are producing some excellent marketing content these days by the way!) expresses that concept in a nutshell.

If you post as they advise below – regularly and consistently – you too will see growth in your own Facebook business page stats.

Infographic from

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