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How To Use Book Linker To Promote Self-Published Books

There's one big problem when it comes to marketing your books on Amazon.

If you're on social media, the chances are that your audiences are spread out all over the world.

But Amazon has different sites for different countries and that makes life difficult if you're trying to promote just one link to your book.

For instance, UK readers would buy my fiction book via this link:

USA readers would buy from this link:

Spanish readers would buy from this link:

So which link do you promote so as not to frustrate readers in different countries?

[Note: There is a step-by-step ‘how-to' video at the bottom of the page showing this entire process]

Introducing Book Linker!

The free Book Linker service solves this problem and simplifies your life.

It generates universal links for you, which automatically detect the location of the user and then direct them to the appropriate Amazon page for their country.

So nowadays, I just send out a single link (such as and wherever you are in the world, you'll be taken to the correct Amazon site, based on your geographical location.

Book Linker

This makes the buying process friction free and saves prospects being directed to the incorrect Amazon site, then having to go through the hassle of finding your book on the correct site.

There's another great thing about Book Linker too – you get link click stats and click info based on geographical location, so you can actually find out where your audience is located.

Book Linker stats

How To Use Book Linker

Book Linker is really easy to use.

Head to your book on Amazon and locate the link to that page.

The raw link for my fiction book looks like this:

Now that link carries additional data that we don't need, we only need the part of the link that I have indicated in bold:

Cut and paste that link into Book Linker (1, below) then click the ‘Create Universal Link' button (2, below):

Book Linker

Next, you can select from one of three link format options (1, below):

You can then customise the name of the URL (2, below).

New link

Confirm that you have not breached Book Linker's T&Cs (3, above) then click on the ‘Create Link' button (4, above).

One of my own customised links is:

Wherever you are in the world, that universal link will take you to my fiction book listing on your country's Amazon site.

Author Pages With Book Linker

Paul Teague Twitter accountAs well as creating individual book pages, you can also create geographical links to your Amazon author pages.

I write as Paul Teague (fiction) and P. Teague (non-fiction): (non-fiction) (fiction)

Amazon makes author pages a bit of nuisance, you need to have one for each different country site (ie .com,, .es etc)

At a bare minimum, you should have author pages on all of the English speaking sites (my default proposition is English speaking on this blog), certainly UK and US for starters.

Once again, it makes perfect sense to share these universal links wherever you can.

In the screenshot on the left, you'll see how I use those links on Twitter.

Wherever in the world I find new followers, they can access the most appropriate pages for them on Amazon's sites, and that in turn makes the process of buying a lot easier.

Watch The Step-By-Step Video

How To Build Your Author Platform

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Do you use any other services for creating universal links? If so, please share non-affiliate links in the comments area below … 


  • Nina Ratcliffe

    June 2, 2016

    I am an indie-author and I’ve been successful selling my children’s stories through my paperback books at fayre’s, schools, and social media. However, I did not have the know-how to be able to sell on Amazon, or s full understanding of how to promote my e-books.
    Paul Teague makes it so easy and provides knowledgable and accurate advice to help you along. I have learnt a lot from his blog and will continue to follow his tips and links to help me with my own books.

  • Thanks for these great tips – very useful.

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