How To Write The Perfect Email …

Email graphic… as determined by my own subscribers in a recent survey.

Like many internet marketers no doubt, it concerns me that you can have so many subscribers on an emailing list, but yet so few of them every open the emails that you send.

Does that mean that they're not interested in what you're saying, are you sending them the wrong material or is it just a consequence of us all getting too many emails in our inboxes?

So I sent a survey to subscribers on my mailing list who hadn't opened one of my emails for a month or more …

Don't they know what they're missing? 🙂

Here are the results from that survey, and I'm sure there's some really useful information in here for anybody who uses email marketing.

Q: What annoys you most about receiving emails?

I receive too many emails 28%
I receive too many sales offers 32%
I just don't have time to read them all 27%
I don't like the style they're written in 4%
There's never any useful information in them 9%

Q: What would you like to receive in my emails?

Links to your latest blog posts 14%
Links to free gifts with or without opt-ins 10%
Links to instant access free gifts (ie no opt-in) 17%
Useful tips and information in the actual email body 33%
Some paid for offers, but only the best please 26%

Q: When you are offered a paid for product, how
would you prefer me to select this?

Only products that you would buy yourself 35%
Only from marketers who you know personally 11.5%
I don't care … send them all, I'll make my own decisions 4%
A mix of the best Clickbank and non-Clickbank offers 12%
I don't want to receive any paid for offers 3.5%
Only products which you personally recommend 34%

So, according to my subscribers, the perfect email will contain the following ingredients:

# Only products which I personally recommend

# Only products that I would buy myself

# Useful tips and info in the email body

# Some paid for offers, but only the best

# Not too many emails

To be honest with you, that's all fair enough really.

But for those newbie marketers who are reading this, a bit of  insight.

When you do a product launch you generally reciprocate support from marketers who helped you to promote your product.

This is a nice thing for them to do and a polite thing for you to do … but sometimes it means you lose control over the quality of what you're promoting.

It's a tricky one … and I suspect the only answer is for all marketers to produce only high quality products … that would make reciprocity an easier thing entirely 🙂

Full mailboxThe Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Finally, a look at some of the comments I received from subscribers.

I'm holding nothing back here, and the comments I've selected are the ones which give useful pointers or constructive advice … things we can all use!

I would say providing good content that actually helps point newbies in the right direction and by offering products or services you would or are using in your business.I can count on one hand how many emails I actually look forward to getting from certain marketers and there in newsletter format and offer great content and links to products relevant to the article and products that are useful. Sneaky subject lines or ones that are in-congruent are misleading and deceptive. I like the subject line of this email for instance and if I can help you by providing the information you need than it's a win win for both of us.

Since I have purchased and returned many programs lately I'm just not opening many emails to avoid being SOLD and then finding it is NOT as represented too many times … I would like to know UP FRONT what the highest cost I will need to pay out to be in profit. AND if the sales copy says ‘this is all I need(whatever ‘this' is)' then I don't want an upsell after I pay for the program! I would like to see the thing do what it says it will do and LATER be presented with what might help increase my sales after it is delivering sales(of course I must do my due diligence). Presently I don't know WHY I have to keep getting new programs to add from program owners when supposedly the one I just bought is ” ALL I SHOULD EVER NEED” … Also and I'm not saying YOU have done this, I HATE the bad and off color slangy language being used by numerous marketers and I will not keep or buy a program that is offensive like that so I appreciate that all is kept respectful in the sales copy and program videos/literature.

Im just starting out using the internet so there is a lot that I don't know aboutbut Im bombarded with lots and lots of offers and this can get info overloadso sometimes Im not sure what is a good thing or not,but would like to team up with a person who can show me the way to build a business .
It's nothing personal, I don't have a problem with your emails.  It's just that, generally, I get so much rubbish vs. useful information through my inbox, it is very hard to deal with it all.I ‘unsubcribe' from all lists where the promotions exceed the information.I personally feel that in a lot of cases we get bombarded with “offers” – often almost immediately we have bought/looked at the marketer's own product.I hate upsells or OTOs and would rather pay a higher price for an all inclusive product at the point of sale. (I also know that's not the marketing model as taught by most IMers!)

Paul, we are bombarded with emails from so many lists that I spam list 80-90% of them now (too much effort to unsubscribe). Give us an email that tells us what you are linking us to rather than just a link. I would recommend a two prong approachwith 1 email (say weekly) something for newbies -Call it newbie friendly for example and something for the more established marketer -Call it Succes Builder for established marketers. (same email broken into two parts) It would take a little more time to set up initially but once done you would have an email that caters for both. This would be your “I love you customer” email with useful links and the second email would be product specific.

More info for newbies, as to the best places to go to get things set up on a minimal budget!

Email titles that clearly state in the title whether its info or a sales offer only (I know this may affect your click through/open rate).  Also clearly state at the start of the email what the email is about and how advanced a strategy it is and then maybe link to the bulk of the info on your blog or as a PDF download.

Hi Paul, I don't remember what you have been sending me but I can tell you what I like and don't like.  I hate when I get mail where someone is pulling tricks probably taught by gurus such as download this, or per your request, or support, or you just made a sale, or stuff like that.  I also hate to get every clickbank product offer known to man.  I really hate those pop ups that won't let you leave a website too.  I think only one that offers a discount is not too bad.  I love simple honesty!  I am signed up to too many lists, but at least I see the bad stuff people are doing out there and I know that I won't be doing it! I am sure your not doing that or I would have unsubscribed already.

More online advice for the New starting Internet Marketers who suffering a huge information overload and not seem to find what we need like:
– How to do good research (a dicected example would realy help),
– Keyword research and how to apply,
– traffic sources and how to use them.
– How to setup your business (ltd, plc) and when do you do this, best moment to do and it would help if this is related in my case to a UK based IM marketer
The e-mails I open first are from, in order:
1.  People whose products I have bought and found to be valuable.
2.  People I know from forums who are generous with help and support.
3.  People who provide good content mixed in with offers, and don't ever try to sucker me into “magic button” or “secret loophole” approaches.  If a marketer finds the actual product behind a tacky over-the-top sales page to be useful and a good value, he'd better tell me so in his e-mail instead of sending me blind to a page like the “stripper secret software” from a few weeks ago.

Oh, and about the coaching question:  I checked the “donate button” option, but what I'd really like to see is a kind of “partnership coaching” option:  help me reach an achievement goal (not necessarily just an income goal, it could be number of pages that have made a sale or something similar) and I'll gladly “tithe” an agreed-upon percentage of profit along the way.  I don't know if that approach would turn out to be profitable for the coach, but it's something I haven't seen before:  could be worth a try.

I don't like personal addressing ie Hi XXXX?
I don't like long emails
I like the title of the email to descibe the content.

So there you have it … just a small selection from the varied comments I received, but lots of fascinating food for thought there for any marketer, whatever stage of internet marketing they're at.

Please leave your own thoughts, comments and experiences below …

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  • Hey, Paul, interesting survey. The only result that slightly surprised me was this one: Useful tips and information in the actual email body 33% Quite encouraging actually, as I’ve been trying to do a bit more of that recently! I would have guessed 20%. Makes a good case for designing an attractive email template perhaps?


    Nic Penrake recently posted…The Quickest- Easiest And Most Secure Method Of Backing Up Your WordPress BlogsMy Profile

  • Yes, I think it’s just that people want to get the ‘meat’ of an email quickly … rather than have to mess around clicking here, there and everywhere to work out if it’s useful to them.

    I guess it’s like email ‘triage’ … doing a quick assessment … then reading or deleting depending on the content.

  • Clive O Hagan

    April 4, 2011

    Hi Paul,

    Interesting results and would confirm the suspicion. It is nice to see an up to date survey with this sort of data. I am sure it will help you and others hone their marketing efforts. Well done.

    Clive O Hagan recently posted…Blog Commenting – Don’t Become Your Own Worst EnemyMy Profile

  • Vicente

    April 4, 2011

    Hi, Paul and friends on this blog,

    I have about 3 years selling my own products online (in spanish). I’m not an online richie… yet, but let me share what I have learned from my clients.

    They like us (the marketers) to be honest, straight-forward and don’t try to fool them anyway, not with fake One-time-offers, not with false promises, not with any other deceptive technique.

    I learned that they found my emails useful, because I only send them a plain-text email with the relevant title (ex. “Article: Radiation, Nutrition and Cancer”)

    Then, I write a 5-10-lines body text with a very breaf summary of the article, a link to the blog, and a link to unsuscribe. That’s all.

    The article is written by myself, I try to make it interesting, relevant and not-so-technical, but I include references to credible sources like books or arbitrated scholar papers (not websites or other blogs).

    That has worked to me, I hope it helps you too.



    Paul Teague Reply:

    Excellent information Vicente, thank you for sharing this.

    The thing I hear time and time again is ‘honesty’ and ‘not treating customers like a fool’ … I don’t think anybody could argue with that.

    This is a really informative post, thanks for writing it.

    Best wishes, Paul

  • Neil

    April 8, 2011

    Great post, its good to facts and figures behind a post. I think like everything online its all about testing and I don’t think emails should be any different. You will never know if you have the best formatting for your email unless you test it
    Neil recently posted…barcodeScannerMy Profile

    Paul Teague Reply:

    Hi Neil, thanks for commenting on the post and your nice feedback 🙂

    I think you’re right … you need to keep testing, tweaking, improving … your customers will tell what they don’t like … or just unsubscribe.

    All the best, Paul

  • LP99

    April 20, 2011

    It seems titles keep coming up. No one likes a title with Free in it, then nothings really free.

  • Bolaji O (like the hotel in Vegas)

    April 21, 2011

    What’s up, Paul?

    Thanks for sharing the insights from your survey. Interesting insights, indeed!

    I have noticed from Marketers like Pat Flynn, that putting quality tips in the body of the email stands out from most other emails.

    Also – everyone is simply receiving too many emails these days. Less is more.
    That may suggest finding multiple ways to interact with your followers – like Facebook and Twitter (in addition to email).

    And yes – reciprocal mailings are a tough one.

    Some of these tips may vary based on the industry, too (i.e. make money online niche versus other niches).

    Thanks, Paul!

    Bolaji O (like the hotel in Vegas) recently posted…Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income on The Day Before Overnight Success PodcastMy Profile

  • Lofty Carmichael

    May 16, 2011

    I really enjoy your site, it’s is really jam packed with information. Keep up the good work.
    Lofty Carmichael recently posted…How to start Blogging with BloggerMy Profile

  • Hi Paul,

    I love stats like this – it helps us all know we’re doing the right thing regardless of results!

    I think email marketing has been getting harder – but we can never blame the recipients… It’s always down to the masses of emails people get these days! – So it really does come down to providing value and building relationships with our readers!

    You’ve done that with your posts, and also with the help I’ve noticed you have given to other marketers…

    Two people I trust have now said cool things about you – so next time I see your pop up I’ll be sure to join your list 🙂

    Warm Regards

    Paul Teague Reply:

    Hi Randy, good to hear from you and thanks for commenting in my blog.

    I think you’re right, people are just fed up with receiving so many emails, it’s nothing personal most of the time when they don’t read them 🙂

    Pleased you’ve found lots of interest in the blog – you reminded me that it’s high time I wrote another post!

    All the best, Paul

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