Call To Action

How (And Why) To Set Up Your Facebook Call-To-Action

Wondering what that Call To Action button is at the top of your Facebook page? It’s on the left-hand side of the ‘Like’ button, and there’s a good chance that you may not have a clue how to use it: I’m going to talk you through it in this short tutorial, but first, to the…

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Essential Listening For Self-Published Writers

If you’re new to self-publishing, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are some brilliant resources available to help you get up to speed with what’s happening in the industry. I’ve assembled a core list of podcasts that I listen to every week, and I’d now count them as part of my essential listening. These…

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Open book in library

5 Simple Lessons I Learned As A First-Time Self-Publisher

I’ve moved into self-publishing in a big way in the past year or so and learned a lot of lessons en route. Some of them have been very painful, others disruptive and the rest expensive. I thought I’d share them here so that you can benefit from my learning process 🙂 Lesson 1: Microsoft Word…

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LinkedIn posts

How To Power Up Your LinkedIn Posts

Want One Of These On Your Blog Or Web Site? It’s a live, automatically updated feed of all of my LinkedIn blog posts which I can easily add to my web site or blog. And it’s completely free to make 🙂 There’s a full ‘How To’ video at the bottom of this page, click here to go…

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Feeling The Fear (And Doing It Anyway!)

One of the first self development books that I read when I left the security of a monthly salary to take self employment out for a whirl was ‘Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers. At the time I was pretty fearful of the challenges in front of me. Salaried work was all…

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How To Hit Your Goals All Year Round

The majority of the population set their New Year resolutions on 31st December and usually – by the end of the first few weeks of the year – they’re already forgotten because work, real life and gritty reality have set back in. But everybody who wants to get stuff done rather than letting life pass…

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How To Get An Interview For Your Business On BBC Local Radio

(Works for other radio stations too!) I spent 20 years of my working life at the BBC, all of it in local radio, so I know a thing or two from the BBC’s point of view about what they’re looking for in a good interviewee. The good news is that as a business owner there…

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Why People Refuse To Open My Emails!

I’ve been going through a re-engagement exercise with an old list of subscribers recently. They’re on an old list and they’ve become very unresponsive. Those of you who have large email lists will know that the larger your list gets, the more it costs to host all those subscribers. Simply put, the ROI on these…

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What Sir Chris Hoy Taught A Physical Wreck About Business Success

I was fortunate enough to meet Sir Chris Hoy at this year’s National Entrepreneur’s Convention in Birmingham. Now, I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan of sport, so I don’t really pay a lot of attention to what’s going on. In fact, I’m the proverbial ‘physical wreck’ described in the title, people like Sir Chris…

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Why Direct Mail Is Still Cool

Disclaimer: The author is not sponsored by Dominos, nor does he officially endorse them … he just likes eating their grub! Why on earth would I use direct mail in my business as a social and digital marketer? For people like me, stamps, envelopes and that horrible glue taste on your tongue should be things of…

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5 Reasons To Use Udemy In Your Business

I recently discovered the online marketer’s dream replacement for Ezine Articles! It achieves the same things, but does it in a much cooler, web 2.0 way. In ‘the olden days’ when I started marketing and had no list of subscribers, the recommended way to get started driving a bit of traffic was to write short…

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What Legoland Can Teach Marketers About Upsells

I’ve just returned from a short break where I took my kids on a day trip to Pleasure Island, which is a theme  park in Lincolnshire. It was bang in the middle of the summer holidays, a nice rain-free day (you don’t get many of those in the UK!) and at the weekend … so…

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My Most Recommended Online Marketing Resources

I recently created a new ‘Thanks for subscribing’ page which is seen by every new subscriber via my GetResponse auto responder. It’s so packed with useful goodies that I have decided to reproduce here in its entirety …

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Money from your laptop

Start To Make Money Online FOR FREE Starting TODAY!

I know that headline sounds like a bold claim, but it’s true! I have read two articles over the past 24 hours which got my brain chugging away … and I actually realised that it’s possible nowadays to launch an internet business with all the things that you need to make money online at no…

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4 Great Time Saving Tools

Time saving tools and tips – we all need them! Here are 4 tools that I use nearly every day … they’re all free (though they come with upgrade options of course) and all are extremely easy to use. If you use any others, please feel free to add them with a few comments at…

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Using Facebook Fan Pages For Instant SEO

Using Facebook Fan Pages For Instant SEO So, we all realise by now that Facebook is massive, I’m assuming I don’t need to prove that point before I explain 3 great reasons why you must use it in your own business? Just in case, here are the headlines from Facebook’s own press page … these…

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Bin full of PC equipment

Why I Threw Away My Brand New Mac Book Air

After struggling for over 6 months I’ve finally thrown away my MacBook Air. And now I’m writing this blog post as a cautionary tale for all aspiring Mac wannabes … as I was at this time last year. I’d been using a Dell laptop running on XP since I began seriously trying to make money online…

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How To Get More Facebook Fan Page Activity

I posted an image showing a snapshot of the stats on one of my fan pages recently and – as it shows an increase of +462.4% in the number of people seeing my posts, I received the obvious question on one of my social media outlets: How did you do that? Well, truth be told,…

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How To Embed A Facebook Post

Facebook has introduced embedded posts and this is another incredibly useful way of encouraging engagement on your web site or blog. It’s really easy to use, here is you 5-step guide. Step 1: Access The Embed Code Firstly, select the Facbook post that you wish to embed. Hold your cursor over the top right hand…

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20 Tips For Your Business Page On Facebook

I wanted to share this great infographic with you because it’s a superb summary of all the key things that every Fan Page owner needs to be doing. I’d want to add a few more things to this list too, because in my opinion they’re also really important: 1) Don’t forget the value of a…

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