Feeling The Fear (And Doing It Anyway!)

One of the first self development books that I read when I left the security of a monthly salary to take self employment out for a whirl was ‘Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers. At the time I was pretty fearful of the challenges in front of me. Salaried work was all…

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How To Hit Your Goals All Year Round

The majority of the population set their New Year resolutions on 31st December and usually – by the end of the first few weeks of the year – they’re already forgotten because work, real life and gritty reality have set back in. But everybody who wants to get stuff done rather than letting life pass…

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How To Get An Interview For Your Business On BBC Local Radio

(Works for other radio stations too!) I spent 20 years of my working life at the BBC, all of it in local radio, so I know a thing or two from the BBC’s point of view about what they’re looking for in a good interviewee. The good news is that as a business owner there…

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What Sir Chris Hoy Taught A Physical Wreck About Business Success

I was fortunate enough to meet Sir Chris Hoy at this year’s National Entrepreneur’s Convention in Birmingham. Now, I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan of sport, so I don’t really pay a lot of attention to what’s going on. In fact, I’m the proverbial ‘physical wreck’ described in the title, people like Sir Chris…

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Why Direct Mail Is Still Cool

Disclaimer: The author is not sponsored by Dominos, nor does he officially endorse them … he just likes eating their grub! Why on earth would I use direct mail in my business as a social and digital marketer? For people like me, stamps, envelopes and that horrible glue taste on your tongue should be things of…

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What Legoland Can Teach Marketers About Upsells

I’ve just returned from a short break where I took my kids on a day trip to Pleasure Island, which is a theme  park in Lincolnshire. It was bang in the middle of the summer holidays, a nice rain-free day (you don’t get many of those in the UK!) and at the weekend … so…

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Bin full of PC equipment

Why I Threw Away My Brand New Mac Book Air

After struggling for over 6 months I’ve finally thrown away my MacBook Air. And now I’m writing this blog post as a cautionary tale for all aspiring Mac wannabes … as I was at this time last year. I’d been using a Dell laptop running on XP since I began seriously trying to make money online…

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