I'm very happy to deliver talks and training days for local businesses and groups, and in the past I have worked with the CN Group, Furness Enterprise, Cumbria Chamber of Trade and of course delivered training within the BBC.

I prefer to teach from experience rather than just ‘the theory' so you will notice that I have added details and links to illustrate my own performance in the areas that I am teaching.

In the first instance, please get in touch via the ‘Contact' link at the top of this page.

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Social Media For Business event

Pictured at a Social Media For Business event in Barrow-in-Furness in July 2011. (Copyright CN Group, this image may not be reproduced)

Full Day Training

These topics can be covered as in-depth training or as short ‘taster' sessions:

1) Email Marketing And CRM Tools

How to, why, best techniques, what to write, legals, mobile responsive emails, CRM

[Notes: I have been email marketing since 2008 and have built up a database of over 21000 contacts]

2) Video Marketing

How to, scripting techniques, viral techniques, tools to use, YouTube, Animoto, Vimeo, EasyVideoSuite, Camtasia, Screencast-O-Matic

[Notes: My first sales video converted at 4.5% and was responsible for delivering over 8500 sales. I have created videos which have converted at over 10%]

3) Webinars

How to, tools to use, how to use in business, equipment, process, strategies, ‘pro' tips, microphones, creating the ideal presentation, webinar options, using for training and CPD

[Notes: I have 20 years BBC radio broadcasting experience and once generated $105,000 of sales in a single 1 hour webinar]

4) Twitter For Business

How to, profiles, jargon, best practice, legals, what to tweet, managing social media tips

[Notes: I am listed in Cumbria ‘5 To Watch' in Carlisle Living Magazine, have over 3900 followers and have tweeted over 4000 times. See my account here]

Carlisle Living

5) LinkedIn For Business

How to, creating your best profile, jargon, best practice, legals, endorsements, recommendations, how to post, job seeking, groups, LinkedIn ads, managing social media tips

[Notes: Top 10% of LinkedIn Users before I really started using it (confident it will be top 1% this year!) and now being invited by LinkedIn to publicise my profile. See my account here best viewed in full profile mode]

LinkedIn examples

6) YouTube For Business

How to, creating your best channel, best practice, legals, traffic generation, branding and promo opportunities, getting paid via ads, creating ads for YouTube, managing social media tips.

[Notes: In excess of 48,500 video views on my YouTube channel, been using the service since 2009. See my account here]

7) Facebook For Business

How to, creating business pages, best practice, legals, traffic generation, using FB ads, using Power Editor, ‘like' pages, the best ways to build your page, managing social media tips

[Notes: Creator of Clixeo Facebook software which has over 4000 users, my two main pages have in excess of 4900 and 1200 users. See my accounts here and here]

8) Using WordPress In Your Business

Why and how to use it, themes, plugins, security, mobile optimisation, posts, pages, how to blog, maximise your blog traffic, blogging tips, strategies and techniques

[Notes: I have been blogging with WordPress since 2008, I have over 25 different WordPress installations in my business including one membership site with in excess of 4000 users. See my personal WordPress blog here]

9) Outsourcing For Business

From fiverr.com to Elance, PeoplePerHour and many other sites, I use outsourcing as an integral part of my business. Find out how you can outsource many of the tasks that take up too much of your time, or lie outside your skillset, to focus your own time on the most profitable activities in your business.

[Notes: I outsource all graphics creation, my software started life as an outsourced project (my coding partner works from Moscow) and I have had had transcriptions, coding work, finances, proof reading, report creation and general VA tasks outsourced in the past]

10) Writing & Publishing Your Business Book

How to do it, why to do it, outsourcing, software products to use, what to put in your book, publishing on Amazon, publishing on Kindle, promoting your book, generating leads from your book, expert positioning

Need another topic? Please ask, these are just the core topics that I cover.

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Business training

Training local business people in my home town of Carlisle on how to use and set up Facebook Fan Pages

Shorter Presentations

1) Getting your business mobile device ready

2) Simple time management tools for businesses

3) Getting started with cloud based business tools

4) Useful telephone tips for businesses (VOIP)

5) How to take payments online – from Paypal to merchant accounts

6) How to boost your web traffic using your old Powerpoint presentations

7) Why Microsoft Office isn't your only option (office tools)

8) How to get started in e-commerce

9) How to create and sell digital products

10) Basic SEO – and how to avoid paying big SEO bills

11) Getting started with Google+

(Currently in excess of 2000 people have me in their G+ circles, my page is: https://plus.google.com/+PaulTeague/posts)

12) Getting started with Pinterest

(My boards can be viewed at: https://www.pinterest.com/paulteagueuk/)

Need another topic? Please ask, these are just the core topics that I cover.

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