Using WordPress For Business

Gone are the days of dodgy HTML websites, these days millions of businesses use the free WordPress software to get online.

Not only is WordPress free, it's also capable of doing anything you want to achieve online, from complex e-commerce stores to traffic-busting blogs.

In this detailed presentation, I'll give you all of the essential info that you need to get started with WordPress in your business.

This presentation will give you a good overview of WordPress and what its capabilities are:

  • How to set up a free WordPress site for free in 5 minutes flat
  • Logging into your new WordPress site
  • Setting up the basics (Title, Tagline, Gravatars and Permalinks)
  • The difference between Pages and Posts
  • Your first WordPress page
  • Your first WordPress post
  • Adding images
  • Finding and changing themes
  • WordPress widgets – what they are and how to use them
  • WordPress menus – how to set them up and change them
  • An introduction to WordPress plugins

More information and further resources can be found on this page.

Using WordPress For Business by Paul Teague

Using WordPress For Business

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